X-type Oreo Orbit

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Product made by UFObjects

The X-type Orbit is the newest orbit that was first released in honor of Excision! Having the microlights fully enclosed in the casing allows for a totally different orbit and diffusion style! Creates extremely unique light trails and patterns.

This standard X model is only available in Black and Clear Oreo!!

- 1 Fully Assembled Casing

- 1 Hex Wrench Tool

- Black & Rainbow String Set

Over the past 4 years UFObjects has perfected their craft - this tight-knit brand has worked tirelessly through years of rigorous testing, and constant design upgrades to all their models!

They are no stranger to the flow community, standing at the forefront of spinning competitions and festivals all over the USA, honoring the flow art community and showcased it's many talented spinners! 

X-type Oreo Orbit
X-type Oreo Orbit
X-type Oreo Orbit