Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain

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Product made by Judy & Madeleine

The Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain is a mystical necklace that doubles as a head chain. Your choice of clear quartz or rose quartz, that rests on your third eye.

- 100% Made-to-Order

- Made in the USA

Crystals may vary in size and shape

- Gold plated on sterling silver wire necklace

- 20-24in adjustable chain

If you are concerned with the size feel free to leave your measurements when you check out.

Judy & Madeleine started with a passion for art, film, and fashion, taking inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo (1958). Judy/Madeleine is the dual character played by Kim Novak. The name empowers the idea, or the existence, of one's alter ego.

What follows is the inspiration of Laura (Designer & CEO of Judy & Madeleine) who places these ideals into every magical crystal she touches. Each piece is made-to-order from the moment you purchase, making your Judy & Madeleine jewelry unique to YOU We invite you to create your own alter ego.

Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain
Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain
Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain
Third Eye Star & Moon Head Chain