The Chihiro Crystal Crown

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Product made by Judy & Madeleine

The Chihiro Crystal Crown is handcrafted with raw angel aura clear crystal quartz and lined with lace. Named after our favorite kindred spirit, Chihiro (or Sen!), of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

- 100% Made-to-Order

- Made in the USA

- Multi-Wear: Wear as a crown or a headband!

Judy & Madeleine started with a passion for art, film, and fashion, taking inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Vertigo (1958). Judy/Madeleine is the dual character played by Kim Novak. The name empowers the idea, or the existence, of one's alter ego.

What follows is the inspiration of Laura (Designer & CEO of Judy & Madeleine) who places these ideals into every magical crystal she touches. Each piece is made-to-order from the moment you purchase, making your Judy & Madeleine jewelry unique to YOU We invite you to create your own alter ego.

The Chihiro Crystal Crown
The Chihiro Crystal Crown
The Chihiro Crystal Crown
The Chihiro Crystal Crown