Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs

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Product made by Ultra Poi

The Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs set comes fully assembled with no setup required! You also get:

- Lifetime Warranty 

- 2 UltraLight LED Glow Sticks

- 2 Helix Cases

- 2 Ultra Knobs LED Handles

- 1 UltraLeash

- 1 Gear Bag

Additional features of the Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs set are:

World’s First Light up Handle: The only Micro USB Rechargeable LED Handle in the world and it’s amazing! The UltraKnob is Super Bright and Durable which will allow you to explore new moves and light shows. 

Picking Your Own Colors: What really separates the Helix Poi from the pack is the ability to fully customize your light trail patterns with just a button. Choose from 15 stunning colors!

12 Mesmerizing Flashing Patterns: Combine as many colors as you want at a time and match them with one of the 12 gorgeous flashing pattern options. 

6 Beautiful Color Modes: Tons of stunning preset color modes available to explore that can all be adjusted to add style to YOUR flow!

Soft Case Technology: Great for Beginners to Advanced, and Fun for all Levels.

12 Hours of Fun: Uses Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Batteries. Easy!

Ultra Poi has been a leading force in the world's flow art movement since 2010! From the get, their goal was to show the market that generic LED toys were not good enough for the beloved recreational and professional flow art community!

Today, Ultra Poi is pushing boundaries by designing, programming and manufacturing with YOU at the forefront of their business. They don't make light up toys, they make Lights That Move You!

Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs
Helix Poi w/ UltraKnobs